How many kilometres come free with my rental?

Our cars have an allowance of 150km’s per day. Extra km’s can be purchased for a small fee at the time of booking. An excess km surcharge is applicable if a vehicle is returned having travelled more than 150kms per day and the extra km’s package was not purchased before the rental.

How old do I need to be to rent from Lusso Auto Collection?

Our lower powered vehicles have a minimum age of 25, whilst the supercars, and high powered vehicles are a minimum age of 30. A full licence is required for all rentals.

How long is a weekend rental?

Our weekend rental starts from 2pm on the Friday of the booking and ends at 10am on the Monday. Weekend rentals are the best value for km’s, with 450km’s included.

Can I rent the car for less than a day?

Normally, all vehicles are booked in day slots, but on special occasions we can do hourly charged bookings. Minimum 4 hours and subject to availability.

Can I take the rental car anywhere?

No, unfortunately our vehicles need to stay within the bounds of Victoria and used according to the terms and conditions of the rental, unless prior consent has been given by Lusso Auto Collection for special travel. If you have somewhere in mind, please call us to discuss.


Do I need a credit card to make a booking?

A credit card is not necessary to make a booking. Bookings can be made by EFT, cash or cheque. Payment must be cleared before vehicle pick-up. Please contact LAC staff for further information and/or approval of different payment methods. A surcharge may apply for some payment methods.

Is there a security deposit required with my rental?

Yes, most of the vehicles in our fleet require a pre-determined security deposit to be payed upon collection of the vehicle. The security deposit amount is dependent on type of vehicle, age of driver and driving history. This deposit is a safeguard against vehicle damage/loss, infringements and toll charges. Without incident, the security deposit is fully refundable. This deposit ranges from $1,000 – $25,000.

How long does it take for my security deposit to be returned?

The security deposit refund is normally processed within 5 working days of the vehicle drop off, without incident. If damage is sustained to a vehicle while on rental, LAC will have the vehicle damage evaluated, and determine if an Insurance claim is necessary, and the excess which is applicable. After deductions of the repair costs or Insurance damage excess, the remaining deposit will be returned within 4 weeks.


What happens if I damage a vehicle?

All rentals have a 2 hour grace period. Any rentals dropped off after this time will incur a full day charge. If you are running late be sure to contact a member of our staff.

Fuel, fines, parking tickets, tolls and other charges?

The vehicle is the responsibility of the renter(s) during the rental period, and as such all infringements, tolls and fuel are payable by the renter(s). You have the option of purchasing a daily toll cap which allows you to travel all of Victoria’s toll roads for a small daily fee. Refuelling required, infringements and toll charges (unless you opt for toll cap) will be deducted from the Security Deposit or charged as advised by LAC.

What happens if I’m late to drop off my rental?

All rentals have a 2 hour grace period. Any rentals dropped off after this time will incur a full day charge. If you are running late be sure to contact a member of our staff.

Can I cancel my reservation?

All rentals cancelled within 72 hours of the pick-up date will not receive a refund. Any rentals cancelled before this time will forfeit their 50% reservation fee.


Can I add another driver to my rental agreement?

Yes, you can add another driver to your agreement. The same rules and regulations apply for the additional driver.

Can I use an International Driver’s Licence to rent from LAC?

Yes, you are able to use an International Driver’s Licence to rent with Lusso Auto Collection. You must also possess an International Driver’s Permit and further identification. LAC are happy to help guide you to getting these documents, if required. Call us today.

Can LAC deliver vehicles to a location of my choice?

Yes, our vehicles can be dropped off to an address of your choice. Charges may apply.

Do you have vehicles available for rent in other states of Australia?

Lusso Auto Collection can cater packages according to your needs and requirements. Vehicles also available in NSW, QLD and ACT. Enquire now to find out more.